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Golfclub GC Golfschaukel

Despite its relative ‘youth’, the Golfschaukel golf club has an eventful history behind it. The club was founded in 1997 when the course was set up.

Having originated from the visionary ideas of the Rogner company for an overarching development for the ‘Golfing and thermal resort of Stegersbach’, which they then put into practice in 1997, the club has continued to develop steadily, despite various disruptions caused by changes of ownership and name. The golf club is now the largest in the Burgenland.

This golf course’s many facilities, the range of memberships designed to meet every golfer’s requirements and its now famous feel-good atmosphere attract many new members to our club every year.

Celebrity guests are no rarity here

As well as our skiing (and of course golfing) queens Renate Götschl and Michaela Dorfmeister, our honorary member Hans ‘Holeador’ Krankl plays his rounds of golf at the Golfschaukel. Olympic sailor Andi Geritzer often swaps his sailing boat for a golf club and the undulations of our 45 holes.

It’s not the golf but the course’s unique setting in the wonderful, rolling hills of South Burgenland that has tempted the director of the Schönbrunn zoo to become a member of the Golfschaukel golf club.

If you too are interested in becoming a member of the golf club with the ultimate feel-good atmosphere, then give us a call or send us an email.