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Golf-HAK Stegersbach

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1st Austrian School Golf Club (1st ÖSGC)

The plan to set up the 1st Austrian School Golf Club (1.ÖSGC) arose from the idea of establishing golf as a mass sport in Austria as a means to increase the number of quality players performing at high levels.

From the very beginning it was clear that the professional training of young players would have to be complemented by a solid school education. The renowned Bundeshandelsakademie (BHAK) in Stegersbach decided to respond to Austria’s biggest golfing centre (45 holes and 2 driving ranges were built 2 km from the school), and it lent itself well to becoming our partners in this project.

The BHAK Stegersbach used their freedom under the provisions for school autonomy to include a special focus on sports management and a business seminar on golf tourism in their curriculum (without increasing the total number of lessons).

Linking school and golf in this way is an arrangement unique in all Austria with the aim of running it as a centre of excellence without neglecting golf as a mass sport. In this, the 1st ÖSGC acts as an institution responsible for raising the funds that will secure golf education and take care of the functions of the golf club.

Further information can be found at hak-stegersbach.at.