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Guest Player Informations

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions that we hope will help you prepare for your visit. We look forward to seeing you!

Who can play as a guest player at GC Golfschaukel?

A club membership is not required for Reiters Golfschaukel Stegersbach Lafnitztal. You only need a current handicap of at least –45. On the Start & Play course, a handicap of –54 (PE) is needed.

Can I still play without a course licence or club membership?

Players and beginners without a course licence and club membership can still play on our 5-hole Fun Course. This is a practice course specially designed for golfing beginners and those who are not yet golfers.

Are families with children welcome?

Of course we welcome families and children as guests. To give parents a chance to play a round of golf in peace now and again, there are children’s golf days and children’s golf camps organised for youngsters several times a season.

Are dogs allowed at the course?

Yes, dogs are allowed on the course and in the restaurant too. To ensure that other golfers and their four-legged friends are not put at risk, we ask you to keep your dog on a lead on the entire site.

How do I book a start time?

It’s very easy. Contact our office and we will tell you which courses and start times are available. Alternatively you can also book by email or use our online Teetime reservation system, and we will be happy to confirm your booking to avoid any misunderstandings. Please give us your name, home club and handicap so that we can guarantee the perfect experience.

What’s the best route to Reiters Golfschaukel Stegersbach Lafnitztal?

You can find a map, directions and route planner here!

Is there a particular dress code?

YES, as is the case in other clubs, we like to see a reasonable level of decorum and so implement an appropriate dress code. We therefore ask our guests to observe the following rules:

  • Gentlemen
    Shirt with sleeves and collar, long trousers or Bermuda shorts are permitted (no short shorts, sleeveless shirts, tracksuits, jeans or tennis clothing)
  • Ladies
    Sleeveless tops, Bermuda shorts are allowed, no short skirts, tops, short shorts, leggings, swimwear, jeans, tracksuits or tennis clothing.

What offers and deals are there?

If you have any special requests, call us. We try to keep our offers and deals up to date on our homepage. However, if you have any special requests or requirements concerning company or family memberships, golf school, available courses, or courses for a course licence just call us. We will try to find the best possible option for you.

How long does it take to play 18 holes?

You will need approx. 4–4.5 hours for an 18-hole round. This will vary depending on how busy the different courses are, your strength as a player and other individual factors.

Can I just play 9 holes?

YES, you can play just 9 holes on our Start &; Play course. And on days when there are no tournaments, it is not necessary to book a start time for the 9-hole course.

Is there a changing room for guests?

YES, there are of course separate Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s changing rooms for guests. You need a 1 EUR coin to use the key for the lockers. If you would like to store your golf bag for a few days, we would be happy to provide you with a caddy box locker.

Which tournaments can I take part in as a guest player?

You can play in most of the tournaments at Reiters Golfschaukel Stegersbach Lafnitztal as a guest player. Ask in the golf office or take a look at our Tournament Calendar and book your start time in good time.

Is the Reiters Golfschaukel Stegersbach Lafnitztal course very difficult to play?

No, according to our ÖGV (Austrian Golf Association) course rating, our holes are ‘easy’, but the setting of our course amidst the idyllic landscape of the South Burgenland does mean an accurate playing style is needed.

Is the course hilly and tiring to walk round?

The setting of Reiters Golfschaukel Stegersbach Lafnitztal in the hilly countryside of the South Burgenland means that it is not a level site. Our guests enjoy playing the Südburgenland course on foot; for the Panorama course we would definitely recommend a cart. Please reserve a cart too when you book your start time.

How can I pay in GC Golfschaukel?

For golfing matters such as green fees, carts etc., as well as cash, we also accept credit cards (ATM, VISA, Mastercard, Diners, American Express). If you have any special requests with regard to how you are invoiced, we do have a flexible and customer-friendly approach to these matters too.

Can I play more than 18 holes?

YES! With an ALL-DAY green fee, you can enjoy a whole day on Golfschaukel’s 45 holes. Book your tee times in good time.

Where can I shelter from rain or storms on the course?

We don’t leave anybody out in the rain. Our courses offer a range of places to shelter: